Soft and Fluffy Cinnamon Rolls September 9, 2014

Soft and Fluffy Cinnamon Rolls

I have never baked bread my entire life before this attempt. Truth be told, I’m quite terrified of making bread and everything else that involves yeast. The process just takes too long, I do not know how to properly knead dough, and in my mind it just involves too much room for error.

White Virgin Margarita Cake August 23, 2014

White Virgin Margarita Cake

The dark and rich flavors of the previous cake post (Midnight Dark Chocolate Cake) had me thinking about a light and fresh cake for the next week just to offset. Black, then white. Dark, then light. For the most part though, I just wanted to try the sugar thingy again. Haha! So here's an easier cake recipe, perfect for birthdays and other occasions. You can also take this cake up a notch by adding tequila - yehba!

New features and some improvements August 18, 2014

New features and some improvements

Have you noticed? Over the last few weeks, a few extra somethin'-somethings were added to the website and I thought I'll walk you through them in case you haven't. I want you to have a great experience while browsing the site and these are just some of the things I've been working on to give you a better peek into the The Elba Diaries.

Midnight Dark Chocolate Cake August 9, 2014

Midnight Dark Chocolate Cake

Valrhona dark chocolate 4-layer cake with dark chocolate frosting, crowned with golden pulled sugar swirls. Need I say more? :)

Red Wine Velvet Mini Cupcakes July 29, 2014

Red Wine Velvet Mini Cupcakes

I've been on quite a bit of a backlog when it comes to writing, and editing photos, and pretty much everything else since our trip to Seattle. It seems like I'm still on vacation mode and I find it hard to do anything other than eat and sleep. But this post can't wait much longer. I've transformed my best red velvet cupcake recipe and made it a little boozy.