Lemon Macarons and a few tips October 8, 2014

Lemon Macarons and a few tips

Literally a hundred egg whites later, I am still no expert at french macarons. Sometimes I get the right consistency, sometimes I don’t. Even when I think I have the technique in the bag already, a new issue pops up and troubleshooting starts all over again. Macaronage is not for the weak and impatient, definitely.

Macarons and the Italian Method October 7, 2014

Macarons and the Italian Method

After reading a few articles championing the use of the Italian method in making macarons, I got curious and decided to try it myself. The Italian method supposedly results in more stable macarons and more consistent results. Now who doesn’t want consistently pretty macarons? So I dabbled in using the Italian method of making macarons a few days ago. 

Matcha Green Tea Macarons October 2, 2014

Matcha Green Tea Macarons

I've wanted to make matcha green tea macarons as soon as I churned out the salted caramel ones. So many people have told me they didn't like macarons because they were too sweet. I say, it depends on the flavors you make; thus the idea of a green tea variant (and others, which you will find out about soon enough). However, I couldn't find matcha green tea powder anywhere, not even on Amazon.

Revisited: Salted Butter Caramel Macarons October 1, 2014

Revisited: Salted Butter Caramel Macarons

I didn't get the deep, dark, salted caramel flavor in my previous attempt HERE for fear of burning it. Since then, I've made caramel twice - the first batch I burned and the second one made it to these macarons here. The flavor is very, very similar to this salted caramel ice cream. So yep, I finally got the deep, dark flavor I was looking for, but then again, I'm not so sure I can replicate it. Hehe.

Mad Baker Chronicles September 29, 2014

Mad Baker Chronicles

Brown and hollow macaron shells - the bane of my macaronage adventures. How and why they happen and how to (try to) make them go away after the jump.