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November 16, 2014

I know it’s already mid-November and I totally missed the opportunity to spread breast cancer awareness tips last month, which was Breast Cancer Awareness month as you all know. Midterms and shiz took over. Add to that my poor time management skills and it was bound to happen. I’m so sorry! I will make up for lost time (and missing recipes), I promise.

Anyway, breast cancer is an issue my family and I feel really strongly about. My mom fought breast cancer for five years before she succumbed to the disease. She was only 47 years old when it took her life, and that changed ours in more ways than you can imagine. So I feel an obligation to society to spread the word about how to prevent breast cancer.

Early detection is key in fighting breast cancer. Women of all ages, starting from their early twenties must know how to and practice regular breast self-examinations. Cancer does not favor any age so even if you think you are too young to start doing a self-exam, you need to do it. A few years ago, I was in the same boat, I did not think about it, I did not know how to do a self-exam, I did not feel a need to do it despite my mom's history. But then one day, during a routine physical exam sponsored by the company I was then affiliated with, the doctor "felt" a lump in one of my breasts and prescribed that I get a second opinion from a gynecologist.

Naturally, I panicked. And I went to a gynecologist. And she verified through a sonomammogram (kind of an ultrasound for your breasts - not painful at all) that I do have a cyst in one of my breasts. Additionally, she said that it was too small to worry about. But just to be safe, I get a sonomammogram every year for monitoring.

So you see, it IS important to do routine breast exams and if you are uncomfortable having someone else do it on you, you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own bed or bathroom.

The I Can Serve Foundation has a comprehensive FAQ Sheet about breast cancer HERE so please check that out.

Here's a video instructional of how you can do a breast self-examination (BSE). A BSE needs to be done only once a month so it is no hassle at all. I hope that you incorporate this into your monthly routine and share how to do it with your family and friends to spread awareness. Thank you.

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