Two blocks of chocolate, among other things

May 28, 2014

It was Memorial Day, which conveniently followed my birthday weekend. It was bright and warm and I was feeling grumpy and in need of a little window shopping so Ze Husband and I headed to Santana Row to appease my bored, idle self.

"Sale!" said the sign outside this store with plates upon plates of display. The ice cream makers on one of the front tables beckoned to us and urged us to come in and we did. We were thisclose to purchasing an ice cream maker (Cuisinart, on sale at 59USD + a $20 coupon) but decided against it. Oh, the ice cream maker, *sigh*. Maybe next time. We must get our workouts in order first.

Sur La Table was the name of the store and it was a different kind of heaven. Kitchen ideas were swirling in our heads as we walked through aisles and aisles of chopping boards, plates, glassware, etc.

I ended up with the items in the photo:

Sur La Table Nonstick Mini Muffin Pan ($9.99, was $18.95) - I've never made mini cupcakes and now I don't have an excuse not to.

Valrhona baking chocolates - Oh my! Finally. I've read about this brand countless times and now I have two bars in my hands. I wanted to get the cocoa powder as well but these don't come cheap so I've marked that one maybe-next-time, like the ice cream maker. I'm thinking of making a flourless chocolate cake to highlight these deep, dark, chocolate bars. Oh joy! Any other suggestions? :)

Wilton #104 decorating tip - I will be piping flower petals on the next batch of cupcakes that I bake. Stay tuned! I haven't piped petals before so this is going to be a fun learning experience.

After shopping, we lingered around Santana Row for a bit, grabbed some gelato, and headed back home so Ze Husband can watch the Miami NBA game. It was a nice ending to a simple birthday weekend.

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