Beauty bits: Lorac Afterglo palette

June 24, 2014

I'm a fan of the Lorac Pro palette - 16 neutral shades of pigmented, fail-proof eyeshadows perfect for someone like me who's just starting to get into eye makeup. It was the first ever eyeshadow palette that I bought - it was a toss between one of the Urban Decay palettes and the Lorac Pro but I decided to go with the latter.

So when I saw that they're coming out with limited edition summer shades for just $24 a palette, I had to get one for myself. The shades are bright and refreshing - you can definitely feel the summer vibe, and I've been looking for non-neutral shades to add to my teeny-tiny kit so this palette seemed like a good option. It looked like AfterGlo had more pigmented shades so I went with it - I have light-medium skin so I thought maybe the deeper colors in this palette would pop up on my skin more.

Well, I was disappointed with this purchase. My expectations were up there because the Lorac Pro was sooo good but I guess I should have lowered them down, I guess the price was already an indication of this palette's performance. The shades just aren't pigmented enough. They're quite dry to the touch and aren't as creamy and blendable  as the Lorac Pro shades. They're also not as fine-milled.

I'm still pondering whether or not to return this to Ulta just because I'm not very happy with it. But I've already swatched it so they might not allow me to return it anyway. I'm also not sure if I'm going to get a lot of use out of it. I haven't had the chance to wear these out in a full makeup look as I don't go out of the house much these days. Hmm, what about I try to wear makeup IN the house just for the heck of it so I can use my stash. I'm sure they're feeling a little bit lonely and abandoned in their storage cases. That's a thought.

Anyway, here are the swatches - the first two shades are the shades at the bottom of the palette. I've also included a side-by-side comparison with the Lorac Pro palette, which I've used quite a bit already obviously.

Do you have the AfterGlo palette? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments below.

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