Making flowers

June 22, 2014

A cupcake bouquet for a dear friend's birthday - the first time I made buttercream roses with a proper flower nail. The experience was both interesting and challenging at the same time.
I struggled with the soft buttercream. These roses called for stiff buttercream but I didn't want to add any more powdered sugar to it (to make the buttercream stiffer) so I had to make do with a soft one; it already had too much sugar as it is, I didn't want us to end up diabetics. I had to work pretty quickly and stick them flowers in the freezer right after making them so they didn't droop.

The chrysanthemums were pretty easy compared to the roses. The middle cupcake was supposed to have two-toned hydrangeas on top but I used the wrong piping tip so it ended up with mini stars, hehe. 

This experience was quite enjoyable and I look forward to making more types of flowers in the future. If you want to learn how to make these, Youtube is your bestfriend. Happy cupcaking!

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