Hello summer!

June 8, 2014

Summer means beach trips - lounging under the scorching sun, dipping into cool saltwater, strolling on the beach, sipping fruit shakes, watching glorious sunsets unravel, unfold, and dissolve into night, and having crazy conversations with friends over late-night margaritas, shots, and beers. Summer to me, at least. :)

But I guess my Summer 2014 will not be that kind of summer. Bummer. God I miss the Philippines! I miss being able to just book a flight to one of the many beaches in Pinas, pack my bags, and spend the weekend simply having the time of my life with close friends. So what's a girl to do when a beach trip is nowhere in sight? Wear blinding brights that scream "Summer!!!"

Here are some of my picks for rocking summer pink:

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in Coral Incandescent - bright, sheer lip color in bright coral perfect for weekend strolls. You can also use this everyday for a little bit of pop and playfulness.

Ray-Ban aviators - my first ever pair of Ray-Bans. This pair was Ze Husband's anniversary gift and I LOVE IT! The lenses are a subtle shade of pink - not too dark and does not warp the "true" colors of the world (if you know what I mean). It was a toss up between this and the New Wayfarers and clearly, I chose this. I WILL get the New Wayfarers some other time (uh-oh).

Beyond Yoga Neon Berry Long Essential Leggings - what better time to wear neon skinnies than now? Since I do yoga almost every day, I got myself another pair perfect for summer! Some might argue that these are toooo neon but hey, I use them just 2 hours a week and to each his/her own. :)

Brights can never beat the beach, let's be honest, but they're perfect pick-me-uppers (as if bright summer days are not enough to get you all jazzed up). I'm still crossing my fingers for an awesome beach getaway. How about you? What are your summer plans?

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