New features and some improvements

August 18, 2014

Have you noticed? Over the last few weeks, a few extra somethin'-somethings were added to the website and I thought I'll walk you through them in case you haven't. I want you to have a great experience while browsing the site and these are just some of the things I've been working on to give you a better peek into the The Elba Diaries.

Recipe Index

(Photo up top) As the name suggests, this page lists all the recipes published in the website, grouped into categories. All the items link to their own articles so you can easily go to the recipe you want. This page is automatically updated every time a  new recipe goes live so you always get the latest, complete list. You might have noticed that there are only a few items on this page; well, that's because Elba is less than half a year old but a lot more will come in the next few months, I promise.

Tip: if you are looking for a specific article, there is a "Search the blog" box on the right sidebar of the website.

Improved Menu Bar

All the categories are listed on the menu bar to make navigation easier. This also gives you a bird's eye view of all the categories this website is all about. So check it out. :)

Category Icons

On the main page, each article gets its own set of icons at the bottom-right of the main photo, describing the categories the article belongs to. The example up top is the Paleo Chocolate Cupcakes and Frosting article. Hover on the icon and it comes into focus. These are links as well so if you click on an icon, it takes you to the specific category's page. For example, if you click on the chocolate bar, it will take you to a page containing all articles in the Chocolate category.

Print Recipe button

I am most excited about this feature. Now you can print/save the recipes in your computer. A printed recipe looks like the photo right up top. Some of the older recipes do not have the "Print Recipe" button yet but I'm already working on getting those updated.

Pin it buttons

Now you can pin the photos that you like from the article page itself! Just hover over the image and a "Pin it" button will appear on the top-left portion of the photo. Rich pins have also been enabled on the website so the recipe is automatically included in the pin you create! Try it to see what I mean. :)

Article Summaries

These are quite obvious so I didn't include a photo anymore. Hehe. On the main page, each article photo only had a "READ MORE" text on hover before and it seemed lacking to me. So I added a sort of prelude to the article by adding the first paragraph of the article to the "READ MORE" link on hover.

So there you have it. Those are the new features of the website (for now). Let me know if there are some more things and features you want to see or un-see. Constructive criticism and feedback are always welcome so drop me a line in the comments below or send me a message by clicking on the "Contact" icon (two thought bubbles icon, last icon in the icon group) on the top-right of the website. Happy browsing!

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