Blueberry Macarons and a Startling Discovery

September 28, 2014

This macaron series has been in the works for months! Only because I was too jaded and lazy to bake the last batch. These blueberry macarons gave me the idea for this series because they were kind of a disaster. Pretty as they are on these photos (they have "feet" and smooth tops), they actually have a few secrets that I need to tell you about.

They were supposed to be light purple in color - reminiscent of blueberries. But the light purple color turned green, which only meant one thing - my macarons were browning! ACK!!! I also noticed that the inside tops were hollow. UH-OH! Just when I thought I was already getting the hang of this macaron-making business, two clearly problematic issues stared me in the eyes. The macarons tasted great but they weren't perfect. I wanted to make them perfect so I raked through the internet to find what I was doing wrong.

After ten or so (more than ten I'm sure) batches with different oven, food coloring, and recipe tweaks, I still could not stop the browning. The hollow insides I fixed but the browning tops were making me crazier batch after batch!

I chronicled all the experiments I made with the different temp, oven, baking time variations and I'll talk through them in the next post. For now,  join me in letting out a big, frustrated *SIGH*! Just kidding. Well, maybe not.

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