My Week in Snaps #1

July 15, 2014

I've posted photos of what I eat during breakfasts in my personal Instagram account (@chassiness) and for some reason, taking photos of what I eat has somehow become a habit even though I don't post many of them on Instagram anymore lest my followers get annoyed at the food photo flood. I think it's because of the high gloss white side table we recently got from Ikea - it's just so nice and shiny, making it a perfect background for anything you want to take photos of. And then I thought, why not make a blog post out of it? So I documented what I ate for breakfast the past week and made them look prettier than usual.

But then what should the concept be? I knew that I wanted to call it "My Week in Breakfasts". Out of curiosity, I googled my would-be title just to see if anyone has ever done something similar before. One thing led to another and I saw this and this. They have a thing called "my week in scraps" - they take photos of scraps like receipts, movie tickets, coins, etc that they've accumulated throughout the week and post them. I don't know which one of them had the original idea and couldn't be bothered to find out who. I was like, hmmm, I can probably do something similar to that but I didn't want to take photos of scraps. My week in snaps. I thought I already have a series called "Snapshot Saturday" so that might work. And since I already had a collection of what I ate during breakfasts last week, I thought I'd start My Week in Snaps with a My Week in Breakfasts theme.

Food will probably be a recurring theme in this series but it's going to be anything I find interesting - even just random bits and bobs. (I actually thought about naming it My Week in Bits and Bobs, haha.) Anyway, I'll stop blabbering and get on with this post.

1 Monday - Sinangag with adobo flakes, sauteed broccoli florets with cayenne pepper, two hardboiled eggs, and a soy mocha.

2 Tuesday - Sourdough toast with basil pesto and mozzarella cheese, watermelon, and a soy mocha. I was feeling a little queasy so I wasn't very imaginative with this meal.

3 Wednesday - My version of a cheeseburger: homemade beef patty with slices of roasted tomato and gruyere cheese in a sourdough toast. I made a cheeseburger from scratch for the first time! Woohoo! We didn't have burger buns so I used the sourdough we had in the pantry. Tasted good and the sourdough added a different flavor to the burger. Now that I think about it, it was more a sandwich than a burger, but whatever, I still made it from scratch. Woohoo! :)

4 Thursday - Sauteed broccoli florets with chunks of mozzarella cheese, one hardboiled egg, and a soy mocha. One lazy day, can you tell?

5 Friday - Not pictured. I went out to Starbucks to have my usual Friday breakfast. They ran out of my favorite sandwich so I got a ham, cheese and egg breakfast sandwich instead, with my usual tall soy mocha. I didn't take my camera with me because it would be weird if I brought a camera to Starbucks just so I could snap a photo of my sandwich. *rolls eyes*

6 Saturday - Hot links sausage, bacon, one hardboiled egg, rice, and a cookie cup filled with soy milk. Cheat day Saturday! Instead of the usual hot chocolate that we have on Saturdays, we had the cookie cup. Oh the calories!

7 Sunday - M's Ultimate Power Shrimps. A food hack of the boiled shrimps with ultimate power seasonings at Ray's Crab Shack. M got the flavors right this time! Just the right amount of heat. The sauce was made of butter, garlic, lemon juice, lime juice, pepper, cajun seasoning, cayenne pepper powder, and probably some other stuff I do not know about. Best brunch of the entire week!

So that's it. I hope you like this series. Stay tuned for another one next week! Don't worry, it won't be about breakfasts anymore. :)

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