Weekend snaps - a photo diary

July 11, 2014

MC and I played tourists in San Francisco last weekend! I've been holed up in the apartment for more than a month now and I've been itching to go somewhere and just bask in the sun and take in the warm, sunny summer weather, so a trip to the city was in order.

MC wanted to take photos in Pier 39 + we haven't experienced riding a cable car yet (even after countless weekend trips to the city) so we decided to finally do it despite the daunting long line of tourists waiting to board the cable car as well. It was the 4th of July weekend so there was quite a few more tourists than usual. Maybe next time I'll brave standing on the running boards of the cable car and hanging on to one of the poles as we move upwards and downwards through the city. Hah! I wish.

It was a lovely day and we both had a great time. Here's a little slideshow of what we did. To focus on one particular photo, click on the little bubble corresponding to it near the bottom part of the photo. Happy weekend!

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