Eye candy: Hourglass Cosmetics

December 5, 2014

It all started with the Diffused Light Ambient Lighting Powder. When the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders debuted a little more than a year ago, rave reviews dominated all the beauty blogs and videos I subscribed to. I have low EQ (which you probably already know), so despite not having been able to test any of the powders in person, I ordered Diffused Light online. And I loved it.

At that point, I was mulling over getting some of the other ones. Good thing I did not because after a few months, the Ambient Lighting Palette came out. It was limited edition then and I had already maxed out my budget on makeup at that time so I let it slide.

I still love it, the Diffused Light Powder - the past tense in the first paragraph might be misleading. I'm not sure if you could see how much I've used from the pan already. I especially love it during nights out. I have horrible scarring from an epic battle with acne that started almost two years ago and this powder dusted over foundation just makes photos (of me) look infinitely better.

Then the Ambient Lighting Blushes arrived. And I just had to have some of those too. Low EQ, remember? I've written a detailed post on that haul. I got two of the individual blushes on the photo up top and the Diffused Heat Ambient Lighting Blush is the best blush that I own today, I must say.

And then this year, they came out with a limited edition blush palette! Eeeek! So I bought that one too and then the VIB 20% off sale came up and it was finally time to get myself the Ambient Lighting Powder palette. At this point, I think I already have everything I need so I'm on a makeup buy ban.

This is just another rave post (that's mildly boring) about the Hourglass Ambient Lighting range and I'm sure you've seen your favorite beauty bloggers talk about them in more detail with swatches and reviews and ratings to boot. I kind of just wanted to put my two cents out there because these products are just so damn good they deserve a post in a dessert blog. Weird I know. Haha.

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