Thinking Aloud: Coffee Shops

December 2, 2014

It's a shame that there isn't a single nearby coffee shop that's remotely interesting, with a nice, cozy, and relaxing but equally titillating ambience. If there were, I'd probably be there everyday this week.

It seems like the only place I can get myself to study or to work on coursework these days is outside the house where the only distraction is the multitude of blogs and websites on the Internet. It's Finals Weekend next weekend and I'm cramming all the coursework requirements and essays in two weeks. Ugh, what have I done? UGH, "what have I NOT done and WHY?" is more appropriate.

Anyway, I've been holing up at the Starbucks across our apartment and the ambience there is kind of depressing. Well at least I get some work done in there. One of the things I realized is that I miss the coffee shops in the Philippines. Even the Starbucks shops at home look and feel better than the ones here. Seeing perfect latte art, and coffee shop decor and interiors on Instagram makes me feel worse. Haaay, living in the suburbs.

If only. If only. If only. Gaaah. Oh well papel. I better get back to work.

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